Elizabeth Line - Crossrail

Underground and enclosed environments pose unique fire and smoke safety challenges. When Crossrail needed high-quality and robust dampers to provide a safe travel experience for their passengers on the transformational Elizabeth Line, MAPUK took on the ambitious project and rose to the challenge.

With over thirty years of experience in supplying fire dampers for this type of under platform extract system, MAPUK was pivitol to the project. Advising and providing technical and product support throughout, we ensured the stations on the new Elizabeth Line Network met the exacting fire safety standards required, ensuring safety during day to day operations as well as in an emergency situation.


Elizabeth Line - Crossrail



Project type:

Transport & Infrastructure

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Approved CE Marked



When the Crossrail project sought high-quality and robust dampers to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on the groundbreaking Elizabeth Line, MAPUK rose to the occasion. 

The Elizabeth Line, a vital part of the Crossrail network, spans over 60 miles from Reading and Heathrow in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east, encompassing 41 accessible stations and serving approximately 200 million passengers annually.

In the underground environments of the Elizabeth Line, maintaining impeccable ventilation and air quality is paramount for the well-being of passengers and staff alike. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety standards are met. As industry leaders in ventilation solutions, we not only provided expertise but also supplied fire dampers rigorously tested to meet the EN1366-2 fire standard safety regulations.

Within the network of the Elizabeth Line, two-hour fire-rated BSK4 dampers were strategically installed in various areas, including low-level platforms and back-of-house zones. These fire dampers are a critical component in preventing the spread of flames through ductwork, thereby minimising potential damage and hazards.

With over three decades of experience in supplying fire dampers for under-platform extract systems, MAPUK played a pivotal role in ensuring the technical and product support needed for the project's success. Our commitment to safety and excellence was at the forefront throughout the duration of the project.

At MAPUK, we take immense pride in contributing to the safety and reliability of transportation systems like the Elizabeth Line. Our dedication to quality and innovation continues to drive us forward as one of the major leaders in ventilation and fire safety solutions.

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