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BLOG: Breathing Life Into Net Zero

In the realm of sustainable progress, the race towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions probably stands as one of the defining challenges of our era. If there's one lesson the past few years has taught us, it's that proper ventilation and high indoor air quality are no longer optional but...

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News: UK Product Launch

UK Launch of a Groundbreaking Ventilation System set to 'Revolutionise the way Buildings Breathe’

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Blog: Breathe Easy

Clean Air Day, the UK’s largest air pollution awareness campaign took place on Thursday 15 June. It highlights the importance of clean air for our health and the environment. Discover three reasons why ventilation and clean air are critical components of a healthy indoor environment.


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Blog: Design Matters

We explore the importance of creating harmonious spaces using grilles and diffusers and the changing 'role' of ventilation post pandemic.

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Blog: Ventilation and the Future

World Ventil8Day is a world wide campaign aimed at recognising the importance of ventilation and the impact it has on our health and wellbeing. So can air ventilation really deliver a healthier future?

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News: New Brand Identity

Motorised Air Products Ltd (MAPUK) officially launches a new brand identity and website. 

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Blog: Living with Covid

The ‘Living with Covid’ plan, published last week, details how pandemic policies will come to an end. But what does living with Covid mean for the future of ventilation?

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Blog: Why Ventilation is Critical

The World Health Organisation (WHO) acknowledged that airborne transmission is a major route for Covid, spreading through the air, especially in indoor spaces. So what's the plan for ventilation going forward?

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