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01/11/2022   |   webadmin

We explore the importance of creating harmonious spaces using grilles and diffusers and the changing 'role' of ventilation post pandemic.

Awareness of the impacts and importance of effective ventilation is on the rise. Next week we will witness the first ever world Ventilation Day, on Tuesday 8 November 2022. The campaign is pivotal and aims to highlight both the economic, health and wellbeing of ventilation and air quality improvements. 

 As well as being safe, clients also want their homes to look good

According to a report by Insight Agency Opinium, we now spend around 90% of our average day inside. How we use and spend time in our homes has dramatically changed. They have become multi-functional spaces, adapted over the ‘Covid years’ to host more activities and services - such as work, physical activity, and entertainment.

As well as being safe, clients also want their homes to look good. This means delivering ventilation products and accessories that integrate into their interiors easily to create harmonious spaces.

At MAP we regularly work with architects and interior designers to deliver ventilation solutions that do just this – they integrate seamlessly into interiors. We discuss the colours, fabrics and appearance but also work with the team to think about the whole experience. What atmosphere they wish to create? How will the space be used? And, perhaps, more importantly how we can improve the comfort and quality of the air.

With clever engineering and attention to detail ventilation products and accessories subtlety become part of the décor, whilst also providing the highest levels of comfort and clean air for the occupants. Often our solutions are unique to each project in order to complement the period and design of the building. 

Interior design is an important part of the experience

It’s not just the home where aesthetics matter, business applications in sectors including luxury retail space, restaurants and hotels must also deliver a 360-degree experience. Finding the correct ventilation solution and the right products and accessories is key to ensuring a business achieves the right look and feel of a space – and provides the best possible customer experience.

Design matters

MAP has vast experience of integrating ventilation into spaces where interior design is part of the experience. We thrive on the challenge of a difficult or unusal integration. Simply tell us what you are trying to achieve, and we will advise you on the best solution to realise this.

Our solutions almost always include high induction products. These offer a wide range of design and application possibilities, integrated into either ceiling or sidewall. Engineered for outstanding performance, the products provide higher airflows at lower noise levels than traditional linear slot designs, making them an ideal solution for high profile architectural projects.

We also pride ourselves on our range of luxurious, ornate grilles. Bespoke design pieces the grilles cleverly ‘hide’ the ventilation technology. For air conditioned supply we always recommend a Mini Swirl diffuser sits behind the beautiful grille, transforming it into a high induction device that delivers on both style and comfort.

We make bespoke grilles to suit any integration, including plaster-in solutions, recessed into joinery,  ornate stone work,  and decorative fibrious plaster cornices. We can also integrate our products into a range of textiles including wall paper and silk walls. Sometimes our clients want an air ventilation product completly hidden. This is common in listed buildings where the location of the ventilation equipment is highly restricted. 

Our highly skilled technical team work closely with the client to meet any specific needs, including designing and developing intricate products and bespoke integrations. The team respect the finest of details and always meet precise technical specifications. 

Over the years we’ve had the joy of working on hundreds of prestigious projects where design really does matter. Examples include Chelsea Barracks, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the iconic National Theatre and most recently, the luxury boutique Hotel Costes, due to open in London next year.

With all these projects – style was key, but the design visual never ever impeded performance, it only complemented or exceeded the clients’ expectations.

Designing your next project?

If you need to seamlessly integrate air flow solutions into your next project to combine air quality and comfort with luxurious design and style we can help. Get in touch with the team at info@mapuk.com and they'll happily answer questions.

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Barry Hobday is the Managing Director at Motorised Air Products (MAP). With the help of innovative research, MAP and its associated suppliers are committed to using pioneering product design and technology to provide unique solutions in air ventilation.