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With over three decades of expertise in air ventilation, particularly in commercial ventilation systems, MAPUK delivers intelligent solutions tailored to meet your precise project needs. Explore our extensive array of high-performance products to discover how we can address your operational requirements and ensure the success of your next project.

We take pride in offering a range of air terminal devices that are verified with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). These EPDs provide comprehensive insights into the environmental impacts and carbon footprints of construction products throughout their lifecycle. Look for the EPD sticker on our website or utilise the product filter option below to identify these eco-friendly solutions. Moving forward, we are actively expanding our range of EPD-verified products. You can learn more about our dedication to sustainability in our Environmental Policy.

Need a bespoke design service?

As well as our primary range of commercial ventilation system products, we also offer a bespoke design service. Working in collaboration with architects and interior designers, we help you choose products that meet the requirements of those unique or sometimes challenging projects.

We offer a wide range of options for design, colour, and integration. Our highly skilled technical team works closely with clients to design and develop intricate products, respecting the finest of details and meeting precise technical specifications.

Do you know what products you’re looking for?

Exploring the realm of commercial ventilation systems can be a voyage of discovery, especially when you’re acquainted with the diversity of options available. Whether you are certain of your needs or just starting to uncover the possibilities, our extensive range of products, including air terminal devices, air water systems and dampers and valves, are designed to meet varied requirements and specifications. With over thirty years of expertise in crafting bespoke and high-performance solutions, we at MAPUK are committed to ensuring that you find the perfect blend of performance, quality and design to enhance your spaces.

Air Terminal Devices

Air terminal devices are essential for efficient air-conditioning and ventilation systems, facilitating optimal distribution of treated air and effective removal of thermal loads for health and wellbeing. Our air disinfection products utilise advanced technology to disinfect the air by 99.9%, minimising the risk of indoor infection, including airborne viruses like influenza and Covid.

Air Water Systems

Air-water systems offer an energy-efficient solution for ventilating and air-conditioning modern building spaces. Factors such as cooling capacity, acoustics, comfort and installation considerations determine the most suitable system for individual needs.

Dampers & Valves

Dampers and valves play a critical role in the efficient, economical operation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems. They enable optimal distribution of supply and return air, as well as regulate or control airflow from the central ventilation unit to the room.

“Always a pleasure to collaborate with”

“We have worked with MAPUK for over a decade on a variety of commercial projects. They are always committed to delivering the very best solutions, based on their technical knowledge and years of expertise. They understand the industry, they pay attention to detail, they understand the critical nature of phasing issues, deadlines, scheduling and dealing with the project team. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with them.”

Simon Flatt, CEO, Flatt Consulting