Faces Bar & Grill

MAPUK implemented a sophisticated flush finish ventilation system within Faces, an upscale bar and grill located in the heart of Essex.

Our solution ensured optimal air diffusion throughout the high-occupancy areas, encompassing both the bustling restaurant and lively bar sections. By seamlessly integrating our ventilation system into the establishment's layout, MAPUK not only prioritised air quality and circulation but also contributed to the overall ambiance and comfort of the venue, enhancing the dining and socialising experience for guests.


Faces Bar & Grill


Design & Build (Elmstead Mechanical)

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Hospitality & Leisure

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Chelmsford, Essex

Located in the vibrant heart of Essex, Faces Bar and Grill offers guests a stylish ambiance and lively atmosphere. When faced with the challenge of enhancing the establishment's ventilation system to match its upscale environment, MAPUK rose to the occasion with an innovative solution.

The primary challenge was to seamlessly integrate a ventilation system into the upscale interior of Faces Bar and Grill, taking into account the high-traffic nature of the restaurant and bar, the need for optimal air diffusion and the requirement to meet the venue's sleek and stylish aesthetic.

MAPUK meticulously selected DLA7 diffusers to address the ventilation needs of Faces Bar and Grill. Renowned for their exceptional air diffusion capabilities, the DLA7 diffusers were tailored to accommodate the bustling environment of the restaurant and bar. Their ability to efficiently distribute air without compromising on visual appeal made them the perfect fit for this project.

The diffusers not only delivered optimal air diffusion but also seamlessly blended into the upscale interior, thanks to their flush finish design. This ensured that the ventilation system not only met technical requirements but also enhanced the overall aesthetic of Faces Bar and Grill.

By choosing DLA7 diffusers, MAPUK successfully aligned functionality with elegance, showcasing how expertise in ventilation solutions can elevate both the performance and aesthetics of high-end hospitality spaces. This collaboration exemplified MAPUK's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the ambiance and comfort of upscale leisure establishments.

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