MAPUK was selected for our extensive experience in working with renowned  establishments and in resturant settings like Gaucho, the esteemed group of Argentinian Steak Houses. Tasked with enhancing air diffusion in high-traffic zones such as the bustling restaurant and vibrant bar areas, we delivered a ventilation solution to meet the demands of a busy social space.

As part of the plan to seamlessly integrate technology into the space the team meticulously colour-matched all products to blend with Gaucho's iconic interior, characterised by its sleek, contemporary design and distinctive dark black ceilings. The result? A flawless integration that not only ensures optimal air circulation but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space, elevating the dining experience for guests at Gaucho.




MG Partnership

Project type:

Hospitality & Leisure

Installation type:

Ceiling Tiles



MG Partnership enlisted the expertise of MAPUK when collaborating on the prestigious Gaucho project, renowned for its exceptional Argentinian Steak Houses. For this endeavour, we provided  DLA7 swirl diffuser in sleek black.

The DLA7 swirl diffuser was strategically selected to ensure optimal air diffusion in high-traffic zones like the restaurant and bustling bar areas. To seamlessly integrate with Gaucho's iconic interior design, characterised by its contemporary elegance and distinctive dark black ceilings, we meticulously colour-matched the diffusers. The result was a flawless, contemporary finish that not only enhances air circulation but also contributes to the overall ambiance and sophistication of the Gaucho dining experience.

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