Imperial College West - Molecular Sciences Research Hub

Imperial College West stands as a pillar of academic excellence. The Molecular Science Research Hub emerges as a beacon of innovation and collaboration, symbolising the university's commitment to cutting-edge scientific inquiry.

MAPUK was privileged to contribute to this transformative project, selected for our industry expertise and track record of delivering bespoke solutions tailored to the most demanding challenges. Tasked with the ambitious endeavour of repurposing an existing office building into a state-of-the-art laboratory facility spanning six floors, MAPUK embraced the opportunity to showcase our unique capabilities.

Recognising the need for a tailored approach to meet the exacting requirements of the Molecular Science Research Hub, MAPUK embarked on the design and development of a hybrid product specifically engineered for the task at hand. This innovative solution seamlessly integrated advanced ventilation technologies with the architectural nuances of the existing structure, ensuring optimal functionality.


Imperial College West - Molecular Sciences Research Hub


Hoare Lea

Project type:

Industrial & Research



Installation type:

Ceiling mounted above fume cabinets



The Molecular Science Research Hub, standing at the heart of the Imperial College West campus, serves as a crucible for exploring and advancing developments in critical fields such as energy, healthcare, and sustainability.

Central to the realisation of this ambitious vision was the repurposing of an existing office building to accommodate high-quality laboratories across six floors, with particular emphasis on optimising the functionality of fume cupboards—an essential component of laboratory safety and efficiency.

Drawing upon our wealth of expertise and experience, MAPUK undertook the task of designing a bespoke hybrid ventilation solution tailored specifically to the unique requirements of the Molecular Science Research Hub. Leveraging our technical acumen, we engineered a hybrid iteration of the Climecon ROL product, seamlessly integrating ROX nozzles to enhance its capacity to handle exceptionally high volumes and air change rates within the critical fume cabinet areas.

To validate the efficacy of our innovative solution, we employed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations—a sophisticated analytical tool that enables the visualisation and analysis of complex fluid dynamics scenarios. Through rigorous CFD analysis, we meticulously examined fluid-fluid, fluid-solid, and fluid-gas interactions, ensuring the optimal performance of our ventilation system and the efficient utilisation of laboratory space.

In close collaboration with our partners at Climecon, we conducted comprehensive testing across a spectrum of environmental scenarios, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements outlined by our clients, ensuring the landmark building delivered the vision for major advances in the chemical and molecular sciences.

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