Property in Kensington, Queen’s Gate Mews

MAP succesfully provided a technical solution in a large living room for a client in one of the residential properties in Queen’s Gate Mews, an iconic through-road, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


Property in Kensington, Queen’s Gate Mews



Project type:


Installation type:

Roof light reveal


Kensington, London

MAP were called upon for their techical expertise to provide a solution to integrate an air terminal device beneath a grand glass rooflight and behind a decorative down stand pelmet in the large living room of a beautiful residential property in Queen's Gate Mews.

We specified LDB 12/8 diffusers, the perfect solution, allowing treated air to be distributed precisely within the room to ensure both thermal and acoustic comfort. Mounted very discreetly, the diffusers respected the history of the building, delivering the modern conveniences and architectural vision of modern living.

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