Leamouth South Marketing Suite

The Orchard Dry Dock, situated between Orchard Place and the River Thames, underwent a significant redevelopment to establish a new marketing suite. The existing light industrial shed, once partially stripped back to expose the steel frame, required transformation into a modern facility while maintaining its industrial character.

MAPUK, renowned for our expertise and innovative solutions, was chosen by O'Connor Sutton Cronin for this challenging project. Our task was to seamlessly integrate a ventilation system into the revamped industrial shed, ensuring it aligned with the architect's vision and preserved the dock's historical charm.

Through meticulous design and product selection, we delivered a ventilation solution that not only met functional requirements but also complemented the industrial aesthetics of the space. Our expertise ensured that the ventilation system was inherently balanced and seamlessly integrated, contributing to the overall success of the redevelopment project.


Leamouth South Marketing Suite


O'Connor Sutton Cronin

Project type:


Installation type:

Duct Mounted


Leamouth Peninsula, London

O'Connor Sutton Cronin enlisted MAPUK for our wealth of experience and expertise in tackling complex projects. The challenge at hand involved the transformation of a former dry dock and wharf into a cutting-edge marketing suite, intended to showcase an extensive residential development comprising 804 new homes, all overlooking the Thames.

Central to the architect's vision was striking a balance between the existing industrial shed and a theme of bringing the outdoors inside throughout the development. This posed a significant challenge, considering the constraints of the existing structure against the ambitious requirements of the new development. A particular focal point was the need to evenly condition a continuous duct that encircled the lower floor, featuring double-height space, without resorting to additional devices that could disrupt the aesthetic.

With our expertise in ventilation solutions, we strategically selected the LDB12/8 high induction linear diffuser. These diffusers were meticulously chosen to ensure optimal distribution of conditioned air, guaranteeing comfort throughout the space. By integrating these diffusers into the existing structure, we not only met the architect's vision but also minimised the reliance on expensive and visually intrusive secondary devices. The successful design solution seamlessly merged functionality with aesthetics, enhancing the overall appeal of the marketing suite while meeting the project's demanding requirements.

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