Property In Chelsea

MAP was requested to work on this prestigious property, refurbishing one of London’s largest homes, including one of the biggest residential basements in London.

Our technical team provided bespoke air ventilation solutions, best suited to the design and purpose of each room, including the underground garage, cinema and guest areas. 


Property In Chelsea


BSD and EJ Environmental

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Chelsea, London

MAP was chosen to be a part of the refurbishment of this prestigious property, one of London’s largest homes, because of our experience on working on large residential building projects, our skill to supply or design bespoke products and our ability to deliver discreet airflow solutions.

We partnered with BSD and EJ Environmental to supply LDB20/8, LDB12/8 and LDB12 diffusers. Our technical team expertly planned how to conceal the products above coffer ceilings, raft ceilings, vaulted ceilings, cornice slots, shadow gap slots, on top of joinery, door architraves and even beneath the seats in the cinema and ceiling details, out of sight.

As always with our building projects, we ensure that the products supplied are suited to the design of the house, are discreet and control the airflow effectively, delivering solutions that are unique to each project and in this case, meeting the needs of the the main contractor, services contractor and interior designer.

MB Micro Blade Grilles with MS Mini Swirl Diffusers were used in services spaces, including the underground garage with revolving car turntable, back-of-house and guest areas to provide comfort heating and cooling within all areas of this stunning family home.  

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