The Scalpel

Located at 52 Lime Street and aptly named "The Scalpel," this iconic 190-meter-tall office tower dominates the skyline of London's bustling City district. Its remarkable angular design, with floors diminishing in size as the building ascends to its peak, presented a challenging and distinctive project opportunity.

Chosen for our renowned technical proficiency, MAPUK embarked on this endeavour with the objective of seamlessly integrating a high-performance ventilation system that complements the architectural integrity of The Scalpel.


The Scalpel


Hurley Palmer Flatt

Project type:

Offices & Headquarters

Installation type:

Plaster-In / Plank


The City, London

Situated at 52 Lime Street and renowned as "The Scalpel," this striking 190-meter office tower stands proudly in the heart of London's bustling City district. Housing over 35 floors of office accommodation along with shops, bars, and restaurants, The Scalpel is a beacon of modernity.

With its distinctive angular shape, The Scalpel posed a unique challenge for ventilation design. Leveraging our technical expertise, we embarked on the task of crafting a bespoke ventilation solution that seamlessly integrated with the building's architectural nuances, including its narrowing footprint.

A meticulous approach led us to select one thousand LDB20/8 linear diffusers, meticulously designed with coordinating subframes and insulated plenums. These high-induction diffusers, strategically placed across all 35 levels, ensured precise air distribution while minimising their visual impact on the building's aesthetic.

To further enhance efficiency and adaptability, we incorporated energy-efficient reactive variable volume control dampers, known as VREactive. These dampers, equipped with advanced technology, adjusted the flow rate according to the specific requirements of each floor, all while maintaining minimal noise levels. The innovative design of the VREactive dampers, utilising a unique measuring principle, allowed for unparalleled control accuracy, even at low air speeds.

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a high-performance ventilation system that not only provided optimal thermal comfort but also seamlessly blended with the elegant structure of The Scalpel. Through meticulous design considerations and innovative solutions, we achieved a harmonious integration of functionality and aesthetics, enhancing the overall comfort and ambiance and air flow within this iconic landmark.

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