DINO displacement diffusers are the best solution for displacement ventilation. The products of the series combine elegant design, flexibility and high capacity. DINO-TH diffuser is designed specifically for premises that have exceptionally high standards for sound level and airflow.

DINO-TH is designed for premises where there are exceptionally high standards for sound level and air flow.

DINO-TH is available in duct sizes 160 and 200 and it’s sound level is quieter than in the standard DINO models. It’s throw length is also shorter, which means the protection zone is also smaller. DINO-TH is particularly suitable for use in spaces such as classrooms and auditoriums, where people might sit near a displacement device.

All the DINO displacement diffusers combine high capacity, an elegant design, and flexibility when it comes to making adjustments during the whole life cycle of the diffusers.

On top of active supply air unit, the DINO series include innovative adjustment units with a silencer as well as cladding sheets for a consistent and stylish look. The patented adjustment unit ensures steady air flow for the device resulting in an even and draught-free throw pattern.

NOTE! Painting of sides is available upon request.

  • Air flow range 25-300 l/s
  • Duct sizes Ø160-200

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