The UVC SterilVentilation reduces the risk of contracting airborne (aerosol) viruses such as covid or flu, by disinfecting the air by 99.9%. 

It is well known that the risk of infection in rooms by viruses, bacteria and mold spores increases if an adequate supply of fresh air cannot be guaranteed. In such cases, the use of air purification units such as the UVC SterilVentilation significantly reduces the virus load. Due to the High-performance UV-C low pressure emitter, up to 99,99% of all germs and viruses are demonstrably inactivated. The proven LTG flow technology ensures effective and low noise room distribution

  • Ozone and chemical free - invisible, natural, odourless radiation from high powered UV-C low pressure emitter
  • Low maintenance non-stop operation - no change and disposal of contaminated filters (HEPA) necessary
  • Easy retrofitting in all rooms as stand-alone version or wall/ceiling installation
  • Certified shielding of the UV-C emitter according to DIN EN ISO 15858 ensures hazard-free operation in the presence of humans
  • Simple installation, no special knowledge required (plug and play)
  • 2-stage operating mode (Silent-/Max-Mode) selectable depending on the application
  • Blue LED display for optical function monitoring
  • German engineering – proven high-quality comfort air and UV-C components

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