VRW dampers are self-operated constant flow rate controllers (without auxiliary power supply).


Mechanically self-operated control of a constant air flow rate, i.e. without external power supply, pressure independent. Used in round air supply and discharge ducts in ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The aerodynamic forces acting on the damper blade are equalised using the control device after it has been set to the required value. Mechanical flow rate controllers do not need any external energy sources; the required flow rate is easily set using a lever with indicator and scale. An actuator is optionally available for remote adjustment of the required flow rate. The actuator operates in this case the lever that sets the target value.

  • Flow rate control without external power supply – no wiring required
  • Maximum flexibility – free setting of flow rates 
  • Insensitive to dust or environmental influences - maintenance-free with reliable precision control
  • Cost-efficient

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