Laser House

MAPUK was chosen to work on Laser House due to our technical expertise and excellent reputation for working on heritage sites. Located in London's creative quarter near Barbican, Laser House was a former printing press and gin distillery.  

The new redevelopment sees the building brought back to life. There is office floor space across the ground and four upper levels, a restaurant, retail space and a new Art House Gallery. The original building was largely retained with only partial demolition of the structure and construction of extensions to the existing building. Working with the architects, MAPUK successfully integrated the old and the new, blending period features with the modern requirements for air ventilation. 


Laser House


Troup Bywaters + Anders

Project type:




Installation type:

Ceiling and Exposed


Barbican, London

MAPUK was selected to contribute to the restoration of Laser House due to our technical expertise and proven track record in working with heritage sites. Situated in London's vibrant creative quarter near Barbican, Laser House, formerly a printing press and gin distillery, has undergone a remarkable transformation. The redevelopment includes office spaces spanning the ground and four upper levels, a restaurant, retail space, and a new Art House Gallery. While retaining much of the original building, with only partial demolition and construction of extensions, our collaboration with the architects successfully harmonised old-world charm with modern ventilation needs.

One of the project's intriguing challenges was the double-height reception area, where we worked closely with the architects to minimise the visual impact of air terminal devices. Our solution involved concealing LDB diffusers above the floating ceiling to address heat gain from the facade while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. To streamline installation, we specified the diffusers to be pre-installed to modular plenums and a common header duct, eliminating the need for access hatches in the ceiling.

In collaboration with consultant engineers Troup Bywaters + Anders, we also provided a range of high-performance diffusers throughout the main building. LDB20/8 and LDB12/8 linear diffusers and DLA7 high induction swirl diffusers were strategically installed, ensuring precise distribution of treated air for optimal thermal and acoustic comfort. These diffusers, designed for exposed installations without a ceiling, perfectly suited the unique layout of Laser House.

Additionally, CKS circular valves were employed in the WC's, and RINO ceiling diffusers were utilised in showers and other service spaces, delivering smooth, silent, and draft-free airflow solutions. The end result is a seamless integration of old and new, preserving the heritage significance of Laser House while meeting contemporary ventilation requirements.

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