News Building

Designed by acclaimed Italian architect Renzo Piano, the News Building office block, in London Bridge area, stands as a prominent symbol of the city's commercial landscape.

Fulfilling the demands of such a prestigious structure, MAPUK was tasked with designing a high-performance ventilation system tailored to ensure optimum comfort while enhancing the building's internal aesthetic appeal. Our bespoke solution not only met the stringent requirements of functionality but also seamlessly integrated with the architectural vision.


News Building



Project type:

Offices & Headquarters



Installation type:

High Level Ceiling


London Bridge, London

Designed by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, the News Building in London Bridge stands as a hub for various prestigious operations, hosting The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, and HarperCollins. As an integral part of the £2 billion London Bridge Quarter Development, this 17-storey structure symbolises London's modern commercial landscape.

Given its stature as the flagship of London's newest commercial quarter, the News Building demanded a heating and ventilation system to foster a comfortable and conducive work environment.

MAPUK rose to the challenge designing a bespoke solution, featuring VDP swirl diffusers meticulously integrated to maintain consistent air temperature throughout the expansive reception area.

The primary obstacle stemmed from the building's considerable height, exceeding 8 meters. Our selected VDP swirl diffusers were tailored to overcome this hurdle, due to an innovative specially engineered cylindrical swirl element that generates a rotary swirling motion. Strategically installed at intervals of 1-2 meters, each diffuser swiftly mitigates velocity and temperature differentials between internal and supply air, effectively eliminating cold spots and minimising draughts. During heating mode, an integrated electric actuator dynamically adjusts the device's geometry, ensuring the delivery of warm, conditioned air to the occupied zones.

Given its central location near London Bridge Station, the reception area faced the challenge of strong winds. In response, we meticulously designed a series of specialised swirl diffusers to integrate seamlessly into the environment. Beyond their functional utility, these diffusers also enhance the aesthetics of the space while effectively minimising air infiltration rates, delivering optimal thermal and acoustic comfort across the entire reception area.

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