High-End residential in Belgravia

MAPUK collaborated with Sizebreed to enhance the luxury Belgravia residence. Drawing upon over three decades of expertise in high-end residential properties, we meticulously designed a ventilation system tailored to complement the aesthetic of the house.

Our approach prioritised discreet and concealed solutions, ensuring seamless integration that respected the heritage and architectural integrity of the building. The result was a ventilation system that not only met the functional requirements but also enhanced the overall ambiance of the home.


High-End residential in Belgravia



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Belgravia, South-West London

MAPUK collaborated with Sizebreed to enhance the high-end Belgravia property. With a wealth of experience in the luxury residential sector and our expertise in residential ventilation we delivered a solution to complement the home.

Our technical team meticulously considered the aesthetic of the house, ensuring that the ventilation system seamlessly integrated into the architectural features. LDB12 high induction diffusers were strategically incorporated into plaster features, blending into the design elements. Additionally, our team integrated diffusers into coffers and cornices, maintaining a discreet finish while maximising airflow efficiency.

To achieve a sleek and modern installation, Mini-Swirl diffusers were utilised in their linear format, contributing to the contemporary ambiance of the residence. This approach not only provided optimal comfort for the occupants but also ensured that the ventilation system enhanced the overall elegance of the family home. MAPUK's commitment to seamless integration and attention to detail resulted in a ventilation solution that delivered on functionality but perfectly complemented the beauty and sophistication of the Belgravia property.

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