Mini Swirl

Mini Swirl diffusers for installation behind grilles or decorative fascia.

Engineered for outstanding performance, the Mini Swirl diffuser ensures the supply air is fully mixed before entering the occupied zone, delivering  maximum comfort with low velocity air flows and an even temperature gradient throughout the space. The Mini Swirl diffusers are mounted within a carrier plate and installed behind a grille or decorative fascia.

Tge diffuser provides equalisation and balancing for long/wide outlets, throw reduction, induction/mixing for VRF low temperature supply systems, datum reference for installation, via sub-frame mounting and concealment of internal ducting components.

Performance range: Air diffusion is characterised by rotational high induction flows, encouraging mixing of supply and room air, with short throws and minimal cooling differential effects. Induction can be reduced or increased by adjusting the swirl blades. Air flow handling up to 200 l/s/m linear formats. Suitable for cooling differentials to -12K and heating to +5K. Mini Swirls can be used for exhaust/return flows and balanced by adjusting the swirl blades.

Air handling capacity:

  • Individual swirl 100mm diameter 15 l/s
  • Linear swirl plates H=50-120 – flow rates up to 50 l/s/m
  • Linear swirl plates H=120-220 – flow rates up to 100 l/s/m
  • Linear swirl plates H=220+ = flow rates up to 200 l/s/m

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