Property in Kensington, Upper Phillimore Gardens

MAP's wealth of industry experience resulted in being selected to work on a beautiful Victorian residential property on the prestigious Upper Phillimore Gardens, Kensington. We provided technical expertise, smart solutions and a stylish finish to this family home.


Property in Kensington, Upper Phillimore Gardens



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Kensington, London

MAP supplied an array of LDB12/8 Diffusers, IBD High Induction Nozzles and MB Micro Blade Grilles with MS Mini Swirl Diffusers, in various integrations including fibrous plaster, joinery and raft ceilings as part of a high performance, aesthically pleasing ventilation system.

Comprising a number of slot nozzles with an optimised interior and profile contour, the LDBs allow treated air to be distributed precisely throughout the Victorian home to ensure both thermal and acoustic comfort.

Keeping to a tight schedule and working alongside architects and interior designers was key on this project. We met all the deadlines and played an important role, delivering in-room air technologies which respected the heritage of the house and delivered on practicality, performance and style.

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