IBD nozzle banks provide an inconspicuous and highly effective, air terminal device solution.


Air diffusion is characterised by multiple, high velocity discharge jets, encouraging mixing at high induction ratios (9:1), providing high capacity flows with short throws and minimal cooling differential effects.

  • Air flow handling up to 4 l/s/nozzle or 100 l/s/m in linear banked arrangements
  • Suitable for cooling differentials to -14K and heating to +10K
  • IBD nozzles provide high levels of end reflection ensuring that in-duct noise sources are “reflect” back into the ductwork system
  • All solutions are suitable for demanding applications including residential and hotel bedrooms, requiring very low noise levels in the range NR20-30
  • IBD nozzles can be used for exhaust/return flows. However, if low resistance return is required to suit FCU/VRF systems, then over-cornice slots or shadow gaps are usually preferred

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