High-End residential in North London

MAPUK collaborated with Slender Winter Partnership to enhance the luxurious family home in North London.nChosen for our extensive experience and expertise in working on period high-end properties, MAPUK provided thoughtful ventilation solutions that seamlessly integrated with the architectural features of the residence.

Our stylish and elegant ventilation products were meticulously selected to complement the building's tall ceilings and period features, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the building. With our expertise, we delivered a solution that perfectly balanced heritage with modern functionality, creating an improved ambiance throughout the family home.


High-End residential in North London


Slender Winter Partnership

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North London

MAPUK provided a comprehensive ventilation solution for the entire home, carefully tailored to complement its period design and interior vision. One of the key elements we supplied was the PPG Punch Plate Grille, chosen for its delicate detail that perfectly suited the aesthetic of the property.

Additionally, we selected high induction Mini-Swirl and LDB20/8 high induction diffusers, strategically fitted discreetly within the cornice shadow gap of the building. This thoughtful placement ensured that the ventilation system seamlessly blended into the architectural features of the home while still delivering high performance and energy efficiency.

The end result was an pleasing aesthetic and ventilation solution that not only enhanced the overall ambiance of the residence but also provided optimal thermal comfort and air quality for the occcupants. By meticulously integrating our products into the home's design, we achieved a harmonious balance between functionality and style.

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