High-End residential in Hampshire

Beaurepaire Park is an historical site that has evolved from a medieval deer park and country estate to today’s modern house with fishponds, Arts and Crafts garden and a range of outbuildings. MAPUK was selected to be a part of the refurbishment project due to our experience of working on period properties and iconic landmarks. 


High-End residential in Hampshire



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MAPUK's expertise extended across every corner of this magnificent residence, from the gym and garden room to the home cinema, commercial kitchen and beyond. We meticulously curated ventilation solutions for each area, balancing functionality with aesthetic appeal to seamlessly integrate into the architectural plan.

For the gym, garden room and other spaces, we supplied LDB12/8 diffusers, installed in plaster sub frames to ensure a seamless finish. In areas requiring enhanced airflow control, such as the home cinema and TV room, our MB28Sb micro blade grilles with recessed mounting frames were strategically placed to maintain optimal comfort.

In addition, our team incorporated bespoke, decorative woven mesh grilles paired with Mini Swirl diffusers to enhance air circulation while adding a touch of sophistication to spaces like the formal dining room and drawing room. Meanwhile, classic punch plate (PPG) grilles with recessed sub frames were seamlessly integrated into the kitchen, breakfast room and other areas, preserving the interior design's discreet charm.

At MAPUK, we understand the importance of tailoring our solutions to suit each project's unique design ethos. Our commitment to delivering discreet, effective ventilation solutions ensures that every aspect of the building is enhanced, offering unparalleled comfort and functionality while preserving the architectural integrity.

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