National Theatre

MAPUK was chosen for our unrivalled knowledge and expertise in handling complex renovation projects, particularly evident in our involvement in the prestigious £80 million renovation of the National Theatre, located on London's iconic Southbank.

Throughout multiple phases of this extensive project, we played a pivotal role in crafting the environmental ventilation masterplan. Our team meticulously designed and implemented a comprehensive solution that not only met the stringent performance requirements but also enhanced the visual appeal of the iconic venue.

From optimising airflow to ensuring thermal comfort, our ventilation system seamlessly integrated with the architectural vision of the National Theatre. Our commitment to excellence and innovative approach ensured that the renovated spaces not only met but exceeded expectations, setting a new standard for environmental comfort in this cultural landmark.


National Theatre


Atelier Ten

Project type:

Hospitality & Leisure

Installation type:

Timber Slatted Ceiling & Timber/Sidewall


Southbank, London

Atelier Ten, renowned engineering consultants, enlisted MAPUK for their unparalleled knowledge and expertise to contribute to the £80 million renovation of the esteemed National Theatre, positioned on London's Southbank.

Playing a pivotal role across various phases of the project, we provided invaluable support in devising the environmental ventilation masterplan. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we recommended and supplied a range of LDB20/8 high induction linear diffusers meticulously tailored to seamlessly integrate within the intricate timber slats of the ceiling, overcoming challenging spatial constraints.

In the grand foyer, we specified DLA diffusers, perfectly suited to the expansive, open space. Offering unparalleled adjustability, these diffusers ensured optimal thermal comfort while effectively managing high cooling loads with their highly inductive, fanned rotational flow design.

Additionally, we enhanced the comfort and aesthetics of the public areas by selecting Mini-Swirl diffusers complemented by decorative Micro Blade grilles. This combination not only provided exceptional thermal and acoustic comfort but also imbued the spaces with a touch of elegance, perfectly aligning with the National Theatre's aesthetic and prestige.

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