Property in Surrey, Witley Park

A modern country palace, MAP was selected to be a part of the Witley Park renovation due to our experience of working on Grade II listed buildings and iconic landmarks.  We specified products that best suited the beautiful period designs and delivered a discreet airflow solution throughout the substantial property.


Property in Surrey, Witley Park


SWP Engineering

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MAP was delighted to be chosen to be a part of the refurbishment of Witley Park - selected for our experience and knowledge of working on historical building projects and our skill to supply or design bespoke products that best suit beautiful period designs and deliver discreet airflow solutions.

We partnered with SWP Engineering to supply LDB High Induction Linear diffusers with matching plaster in and recessed sub frames, positioned predominantly in high level cornice integration.

MB Micro Blade Grilles with MS Mini Swirl Diffusers were used in services and guest areas. Our technical team was able to deliver unique solutions to complement the period of the building. We fitted modular circular MS Mini Swirls in the ornate fibrous plaster ceiling behind a decorative guilloche for a seamless, discreet finish. We specified the PSF(16) plaster in exhaust slots for the bathrooms, WCs, showers and changing areas, allowing for a 16mm shadow gap slot that can be neatly plastered in.

As always with our historical building projects, we ensure that the products supplied are suited to the period design, are discreet and control the airflow effectively. 

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