High End residential, Witley Park

MAPUK was chosen to contribute to the Witley Park renovation based on our extensive experience in working with Grade II listed buildings and iconic landmarks. We carefully selected products that perfectly complemented the exquisite period designs while delivering discreet airflow solutions throughout the expansive property.


High End residential, Witley Park


SWP Engineering

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In the extensive renovation of Witley Park, MAPUK was privileged to contribute our expertise. Our selection for this project reflects our proven track record in working with Grade II listed buildings and renowned landmarks, showcasing our adeptness in preserving historical sites.

With profound respect for the property's timeless architectural elements, our skilled team meticulously selected ventilation products that seamlessly merged with the aesthetics while offering efficient airflow solutions. Teaming up with SWP Engineering, we deployed LDB High Induction Linear Diffusers with corresponding plaster and recessed subframes. These diffusers were strategically positioned within elevated cornices, harmonising effortlessly with the property's majestic design.

Addressing the specific requirements of service and guest areas, we employed MB Micro Blade Grilles in conjunction with MS Mini Swirl Diffusers. Our technical team demonstrated ingenuity by devising bespoke solutions that enhanced the building's historic allure. Behind an intricate guilloche, in the ornate fibrous plaster ceiling, modular circular MS Mini Swirls were discreetly installed, ensuring a seamless integration.

For bathroom, WC, shower and changing spaces, we specified PSF(16) plaster in exhaust slots, featuring a 16mm shadow gap slot for neat plastering. This meticulous attention to detail facilitated a discreet and aesthetically pleasing fusion of ventilation solutions.

As customary in our historical building endeavours, we prioritise products that not only harmonise with the period design but also maintain discretion while effectively managing airflow. Our commitment to heritage preservation and contemporary functionality underscores our pursuit of excellence in every project.

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