Property in South Kensington

MAP's expertise was requested on this luxury family house occupying a one-acre site close to the centre of South Kensington. Discreetly hidden behind other buildings, the house was originally built in 1841. Working with architects and interior designers, MAP successfully integrated the old and the new, delivering ventilation solutions and products that blended period features with the modern requirements. 


Property in South Kensington



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South Kensington, London

In the pursuit of crafting a living space that marries comfort with aesthetics, MAP worked with architects and interior designers. The aim was to seamlessly incorporate ventilations solutions , ensuring optimal climate control throughout the large, family home.

The challenge lay in merging cutting-edge technology with the historical grandeur of the home's design. The interior designer's vision emphasised a modest yet elegant aesthetic, calling for meticulous integration of products.

To address the unique requirements of the luxury residence we carefully selected and specified high induction Mini Swirl diffusers and a range of LDB linear diffusers. This ensured efficient comfort heating and cooling across all corners of the expansive abode.

Our technical team engineered bespoke concealment solutions, ensuring technology seamlessly merged with the room's design. A notable instance was the integration of Mini Swirls into stone features, aligning flawlessly with the interior designer's vision for a modest yet sophisticated design.

LDB12/8 high induction diffusers were fitted within special shoe plenums, while LDB20/8 diffusers were carefully positioned into wall-ceiling shadow gap recessed plaster subframes. This attention to detail preserved both functionality and aesthetics.

The collaboration between MAP, architects, and interior designers showcased innovation in concealment, precision placement, and a commitment to deliver an optimal indoor climate in every corner of the vast residence.

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