High-End residential in Knightsbridge

MAPUK was honoured to be selected to contribute to the development of a prestigious 17,000 sq ft mansion in Knightsbridge, London. This distinguished residence, featuring six bedrooms and two apartments, boasts luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, cinema, rooftop terrace and courtyard garden. With our wealth of industry experience, we provided technical expertise and sophisticated ventilation solutions to ensure optimal comfort and functionality throughout the family home.


High-End residential in Knightsbridge


Rigby & Rigby/Formation Architects

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Supply and Extract systems


Mayfair, London

MAPUK provided an array of advanced ventilation solutions for this stylish home, including LDB high induction diffusers and MB Micro Blade grilles with Mini Swirl diffusers, strategically integrated into various architectural features. Carefully concealed within coffers and ceiling details, these components blend seamlessly into the home's aesthetic, delivering both functionality and elegance.

The high induction diffusers feature a series of slot nozzles, ensuring precise distribution of treated air for optimal thermal and acoustic comfort throughout the building. Additionally, we supplied VREactive circular and VRFactive rectangular flow rate controllers paired with matching outlet silencers. These controllers, managed by a sophisticated Building Management System, offer flexibility to adapt to changing occupancy levels, air quality requirements and even special functions like room purging and party mode.

In our commitment to excellence, we collaborated closely with architects and interior designers to ensure that the ventilation solutions not only meet the functional needs of the house but also integrate beautifully with the interior aesthetic, maintaining discretion and efficiency.

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