Property in Mayfair

MAP's wealth of industry experience resulted in being selected to work on a prestigious 17,000 sq ft mansion development in Knightsbridge, London SW7.

The six-bedroom family home also comprises two apartments, a double-height swimming pool, spa, cinema, parking for nine cars via two-car stacking mechanisms, a roof terrace and a courtyard garden. We provided technical expertise, smart ventilation solutions and a stylish finish to this family home.


Property in Mayfair


Rigby & Rigby/Formation Architects

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Supply and Extract systems


Mayfair, London

MAP supplied an array of LDB High Induction Diffusers and MB Micro Blade Grille with MS Mini Swirl Diffusers, in various integrations. Many were carfeully hidden in coffers and ceiling details, out of sight, delivering a beautiful aesthetic in this stylish home. Comprising a number of slot nozzles with an optimised interior and profile contour, the LDBs allow treated air to be distributed precisely throughout the building to ensure both thermal and acoustic comfort for the client.

We also supplied a selection of VREactive Circular and VRFactive Rectangular Flow Rate Controllers with matching outlet silencers. The variable flow rate controller is operated by a sophisticated Building Management System, allowing for changes in occupancy levels, system design changes, air quality, room purging and even a party mode option, ensuring the needs of the multiple uses and functions of the house are met.

As always with our high end residential building projects, we often work in partnership with architects and interior designers to ensure that the products supplied are best suited to the design of the house, are discreet and control the airflow effectively. 

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