The floor level air diffuser type BLQ has been designed specifically for installation in raised false floors.


BLQ is suitable for air supply from below a glazed façade, and can also be used, in case of low cooling loads or in combination with static cooling surfaces, for introducing necessary volume of conditioned fresh air to meet hygiene requirements. Ideal for integration beneath steps and seats in theatres and other types of auditorium.

  • Sizes 750, 1000, 1250, 1500 & 1750 mm
  • Air volume balancing is achieved via throttling segments arranged in the bottom plate of the air distribution box.
  • The supply air is introduced into the room at low velocity through a perforated panel
  • The diffuser’s front plate can easily be removed from the air distribution box and reinstalled without the need for any auxiliary tools, e.g. for cleaning or air volume balancing

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