At Sloane

At Sloane is located the heart of Chelsea, adjacent to Sloane Square station. Originally crafted as residences in the 19th century by the visionary architect Edwin Thomas Hall, this historic building has been meticulously transformed into a lavish 30-room luxury lifestyle boutique hotel.

MAPUK, renowned for our distinguished technical expertise and bespoke solutions, partnered proudly with Reardon Smith Architects on this prestigious project.

We met the challenge of seamlessly integrating, tailor-made ventilation solutions into At Sloane's interior –  a blend of British charm and carefully curated French craftsmanship envisioned by hotelier Costes.


At Sloane


Reardon Smith Architects & PSH

Project type:

Hospitality & Leisure

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Chelsea, London

The objective for this project was clear: provide technical advice and guidance and seamlessly integrate bespoke ventilation products into At Sloane's interior design ethos—a blend of British charm and curated French craftsmanship.

Collaborating closely with Reardon Smith Architects, MAPUK proposed and supplied Mini Swirl diffusers alongside an assortment of ornate Punched Plate Grilles (PPG). The Mini Swirl diffusers, ingeniously placed behind the grilles within a carrier plate, became the cornerstone solution for this high-profile architectural project, delivering the luxurious finish demanded by the architect and interior design team.

Handcrafted in the UK by our skilled team using a combination of hand and machine tools, the Mini Swirl diffusers ensure that supply air is fully mixed before entering occupied areas. This delivers maximum thermal and acoustic comfort, with low-velocity air flows and an even temperature gradient throughout the hotel.

Our team, meticulously crafted bespoke ventilation grilles using innovative laser-cutting techniques. Each grille was then finished with a powder coating and an exquisite unlacquered polished brass finish. Every detail was carefully considered— and perfectly aligned with the interior designer's vision and maintaining consistency with other metalwork features within the hotel.

In the private dining areas, we took it a step further, crafting custom curved grilles to cleverly conceal HVAC products behind decorative yet functional features. Each bespoke grille was fixed on-site and hand-painted in Anthracite Grey, meeting precise technical specifications and showcasing our dedication to delivering unparalleled quality in every detail.

MAPUK's innovative approach and technical expertise seamlessly merged high-performance ventilation products into At Sloane's luxurious interiors. This project serves as a testament to the ability to blend ventilation solutions seamlessly into luxury spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and comfort.

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