ECO-F is the ECO series’ supply air vent with a heating element for flush mounting on walls. The stylish vent combines excellent air and sound performance with smooth surface, extremely low profile and finished design.

ECO-F has a low profile and rectangular perforation. It has been developed based on the highly popular FINO supply air diffuser. In addition to excellent air and sound performance, it provides a stylish interior design element.

The good-looking valve is easy to install and keep clean due to its innovative structural features. ECO-F works silently. It can be controlled conveniently and accurately with innovative magnetic tapes. The device is suitable for use anywhere from bedrooms to larger spaces and corridors.

  • Smooth surface, very low profile and stylish design, easy to keep clean
  • Good mixing ratio, reliable measurement and accurate control
  • Heating integrated with the ventilation system simplifies the amount of building services
  • Outside the heating season, ECO-F functions as a top-quality supply air diffuser

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