ECO-W is an air heater in the ECO series for surface mounting on walls that ensures efficient room-specific forced air heating. Silent and draft-free air valve has sleek and extremely low design that enables it to be also used as an interior design element.

ECO-W is convex and has a very low profile. The deep-drawn valve is a stylish interior design element that can be used during the heating season with the ECO-T control unit for room-specific forced air heating and otherwise as a supply air valve. The product has top-quality air and sound performance, and its wide throw pattern and high mixing ratio prevent the feeling of draft.

The energy requirement of heating in passive houses is only 20–30 kWh/GSM and 10–20 W/m2 in rooms. The power demand for heating is small, so the accurate ECO forced air heating system that reacts quickly to changes is very suitable for these houses in terms of energy efficiency.

  • Sleek design with a very low profile
  • Wide throw pattern and high mixing ratio
  • Silent and draft-free vent suitable for residential premises
  • Reliable measurement and quick and accurate control
  • For surface-mounting
  • Heating integrated with the ventilation system simplifies the amount of building services
  • Outside the heating season, ECO-W functions as a top-quality supply air diffuser

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