The ECO-T is a smart room control unit for the ECO range of Passivhaus forced air heaters.

The control unit of the ECO series is used for the room-specific control of the forced air heating system. The user-friendly control unit offers a wide range of possibilities for demand controlled air heating, accurate room temperature control and timed heating.

The ECO system can be programmed by defining room-specific comfort temperatures and pre-scheduling heating periods for each day. For example, living rooms and bedrooms can be heated only at the times when they are used, saving energy on heating rooms that go with lesser use.

Room temperature control is always case-specific, and the smart ECO system learns when to start the heating to reach the desired comfort temperature at the right time. This allows the resident to enjoy a comfortable temperature exactly when they need it.

  • Heating is controlled by accurate PI control ensuring high thermal comfort
  • The higher the deviation from the preset value, the higher the heating power
  • When the room temperature is close to the preset value, the unit works at lower power
  • The control unit that houses the room temperature sensor has no heat-emitting components. This achieves a very accurate measurement of room temperature
  • The intelligent system reacts quickly to temperature changes and keeps the room temperature precisely at the desired level

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