ILQsfSystem SmartFlow

Smart ventilation, heating and cooling of industrial buildings

The industrial air diffuser ILQsfSystem SmartFlow the first air diffuser that displaces pollutants from the work area with both constant and variable flow rates, and discharges them effectively without intense mixing with the room air. 

The discharge of substances by thermal lift at machines, and the effectiveness of recording equipment, is not impaired by the room flow of the air diffusers. Mechanically self-operated or motor-powered adjustment ensures a constant flow pulse, over the entire control range (1:4) and optimum ventilation effectiveness and efficiency, while providing high thermal comfort. 

The ILQsf is suitable for on-demand ventilation, heating and cooling with high and variable material and thermal loads in large buildings, e.g. production facilities, sports halls, lobbies, trade fair buildings and atriums. Thanks to the large control range, it can also be used for hybrid ventilation, i.e. in combination with natural ventilation using natural smoke/heat extraction systems. 

The ILQsf offers optimum conditions to ensure high energy efficiency and flexibility, since the local supply air volumes can be easily set and regulated over a wide range.

  • Energy-saving thanks to smart on-demand ventilation: variable air flow rates with minimal working pressure yet high degree of comfort
  • Consistently high ventilation effectivity regardless of the flow rate and temperature of the air
  • Flexible: optionally with or without mechanically self-operated, motor-powered or manual adjustment for heating and cooling applications
  • Effective removal of thermal and material loads thanks to layered ventilation
  • High degree of thermal comfort at workstations thanks to draught-free air supply, even at a minimal distance from the diffuser

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